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Hello there all.

Time to get crazy or not. I have an old Peougeot that I want to start up today. The car has been sitting in the garage for a long time and I just want to make certain that it runs and are ready for a short trip later in the week. I got my sky high red patent sandals on and well yes I feel sexy and the exitment is building as I walk ower to the car. I open up the garage and set myself behind the wheel. Pulling the choke and pumping the gas pedal I turn the key and the car splutters and dies. As expected so I keep trying. My car shakes and shutter and after a while I get it started in a cloud of smoke. I rev the car to keep it to run propery and I realize the struggle and the smoke behind the car. Stepping out I chek out the behind of the car and I just get an impuls to feel the vibration of the taihis and l pipe with my foot as the car idles rough with plenty of smoke and splutter. My heels are perfect to get dirty by the exhaust fumes. This is just so much fun. I love it. Hope you do.

Love Loretta

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