Lady Loretta Picking up the Escort, 20 minute, 1.55 GB


Dear all.

Very Busy here and a lot to do, that happens some times. We start the spring with this purchase, an Escort from 1982 with manual choke. We contacted the seller and agreed to have a look. After some negotiation we agreed on the price and well we bought the car. When we get the key and are about to pick up the car in the garage the seller informs us that the car has its ups and down and are quite hard to start. well the seller gives us the ensurance that the car always starts but is stuburn on most cases. Well well. This happends before the cameras starts.

Yes the car is bought and I go to pick it up.

Here you are with Loretta as she enters the garage to pick up the car and take it home.

A mixture of cranking and driving with different angels.

Lots of more material and models will be using this car, a great sounding engine with a sport exhaust. Yes it is worn and well see for yourself.