Lady Loretta Peugot and me, SD, 16.20 minute, 549 MB


Dear all.

We kick of the start of August with a clip were Loretta have the Peugeot 204 under her heels. She leaves work to go home taking her Peugeot. Her patent heels are hitting the pavement as she walks over to the car and the sound ecos between the building as she get to the car. It is a damp and cold day her car is old and run down let’s just hope it gives her trouble so that we can be treated with some flooded crank and pumping. She turn the key and we are in luck the car does not start for her, she struggles, her car splutters but will just not start. She is pleading to the car as she struggles and her pumping gets more and more aggressive as she soon realize that she may be stuck at this parking lot. Her pumping is aggressive and pulling the choke and adjusting it may help right?? She is in trouble no doubt and we are there right by her side watching this great event.

Have a great Day