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Dear all

Lady Loretta is on her way to meet a colleague at the waterfront this afternoon. Her car is cold and freezing, it is minus 5 deg C outside, and we join her as she is leaving the office to walk over to her car. The sun is giving this stunning view as she comes to her car. She gets in and turn the key after pulling the choke and prime the engine with her high heel boot. It starts upp nice and easy but conks out for her. She struggles with her car as she is very nervous¬†to flood it out. She gets going and have to open the gate to drive off… well trouble again. hard start and more pumping. She gets going and arrives to the waterfront just to find out that her colleague¬†is not there. She goes back to her office in her car and on the way there is has more trouble on the road. We are with her as she gets to the office. Last she drives off to park the car in her garage this night.

The Fashion pumping team
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