Lady Loretta No way in hell part 1 SD, 22.21 minute, 489 MB


Dear all Fans.

Winter is here and Loretta is leaving her house this morning to go to town, at least she wants to. She get in to her car and start it up and right there she may be in trouble as her car is slipping on the icy ground. She does manage to back out but will she get up the hill? She struggles to get the car over the small hill in the deep snow. She revvs hard, the tires are spinning but she just canĀ“t get the car up the small hill. Snow is flying from the tires as she press the gas hard and long with the engine screaming and tires spinning. She backs down and gives it another try… and another try and… Well she is in deep trouble and she walks out in her sexy high heel boots to check out what to do. Will she be able to get over the hill??

Winter is great right???

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