Lady Loretta Muddy Day Stuck in the field Part 3 SD, 17.57 minute, 442 MB


Dear all.

Loretta has got herself in a very tight spot. Her car is stuck in the mud and she canĀ“t get out of there. She leaves the car several times and try to find a solution to her trouble. She walks around the car in her stiletto heels that sinks down in the mud. She is almost in panic as she has no solution for her trouble. She gets back in ll kinds of ways to get the car to move out of this spot with no luck at all. Her frustration and tension is building and we can watch her almost paniking. She revs the car hard in gear, wheels are spinning mud is flying, she bounce in the seat and try to rock the car loose but with no luck at all. In right there as everything seems hopeless help arrives. She can now get help to be towed from this muddy spot. Several attempts later she manage to leave the field and get back to the house. Her shoes are ruined and we are with her as she gets in to the shower to clean her stiletto heels and her cold dirt feet.

A great stuck clip with all kind of action from a Loretta in real trouble

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