Lady Loretta Muddy Day Stuck in the field Part 2 HD, 20.41 minute, 1.5 GB


Dear all This is Part 2 of Lorettas Muddy Day series!

She has got her Opel started in this wet and damp weather and have left the car idling as she picks up some papers before leaving. Right as she is ready to leave her phone rings and a friend ask her to pick up and take with her a jar left behind as they will meet later in the day. It is heavy and stands next to the road in a field. She is reluctant to do so but she decide to do it anyway. She backs down in to the field and as she expected she gets stuck in the wet muddy ground and now she is in real trouble. She manage to get close to the jar and leave the car in her heels to put it in the trunk. Her shoes sinks down in the mud and she is not happy at all. Getting back inside the car we watch her as she is very nervous. She gets the car in to gear and tries to leave but she is now in a hopeless situation. She revs, she bounses she tries everything to get the car to get loose but the only thing taht happens is that she gets more and more stuck.

A super great clip, second part, of this 3 part series. Just wait for Part 3 and be shure that you also have part 1 a great wet cranky clip

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