Lady Loretta Muddy Day Part 1 Start the car SD, 15.30 minute, 418 MB


Dear all this clip series is split in Three parts.

Loretta is leaving this rainy day to go to town. In this part (Part 1) She wants to use the vintage Opel Kadett sitting outside under a cover since quite some time. She walks over to the car in the rain in a pair of white Stiletto heels and Remove the cover that the car has. She gets in and starts priming the engine to get it to start with her white stilettos. Turning the key the engine cranks but give no signs of starting. She continues for a long time getting more and more upset as her car refuse to start the air fills of petrol fumes and her frustration builds up. She adjusts the choke through out her cranking attempts, she pumps the pedal, she gives it full gas, no gas. She is eager to leave and her continuing attempts to start the engine gives her the reward that she has been waiting for after a long time, the little engine starts spluttering and reluctantly starts almost flooded. The exhaust spits smoke and the sound is great as she is using a lot of choke to have the cold engine to stay running. Backing out from the parking area the engine conks out from all the choke that she is using and now she is struggling with a flooded engine. More frustrated cranking follows as she struggles to restart her car and once again she has to adjust the choke and find the right combo of gas and choke. She revs the engine when it starts and leave the car to pick up some papers in the house before going to town. This is the end of Part 1.

In Part 2 and part 3 you are treated with a great stuck in the mud view since a friend of her ask her to pick up a can of hydrolic oil from the field that he has left behind…..

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