Lady Loretta Morning and Mud Part 2 HD, 26.25 minutes, 2.25 GB

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Dear All.
Allmost the same Part 2 of “Pump and Mud in our other channel. She pumping the pedal in her nylon clad foot struggles with the car but she does get going, a beautiful view of her legs and short skirt and after a short drive she decides to take a short cut through the woods… Bad move…

She has severe trouble today and the shortcut through the woods was a bad idea. Now she is on her way to take a detour, she is lost and calls to get directions, we are there as she once again takes a shortcut, this time she gets in real trouble. She is stuck on this muddy road and she is very nervous. Will she get out??? her car also acts up and she struggles to keep it going.. well, just a hint she has to walk and leave the car this time..

Take care all

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