Lady Loretta In the Saab V4, 24.33 minute, 1.03 GB


Dear all.

Winter,cold weather, older cars well yeas you thought right car trouble. Today I need to take my old vintage Saab since my daily driver is broken down. The car has been sitting in the garage for a while and I walk over to the car with this feeling of trouble in my stomach. I get in to the car, prime it, pull the choke and start cranking to start the car. And as I expected the car refuse to start for me. I call a friend of mine for help and I get some guidance so I open the hood and move the distributor cap. I get back in and yes there are som life in it. I can smell the gas so I must also have flooded it. I get tired in my feet so I remove my high heel patent pump and crank the car in just nylon. The car reluctantly starts and I can back out of the garage. The car is acting very bad and when I want to leave I realize that this car will not take me to where I want to go.. So a nother day maybee…

Love Lady Loretta

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