Lady Loretta Gear trouble part 1 HD, 13.02 minute, 1.86 GB


Dear Fans and Friends.

I´m on my way to a sports club for a meeting and decide to take my old Saab 96 for a spin. It is parked in the barn and has been sitting for quite some time. Walking over to the car I have my mind at the comming meeting. I get to my car and prepare to leave. Putting the key in the egnition pulling the cold start choke and well giving the engine some quick pumps to get an easy start. I turn the key and the little engine is cranking but does not start right away, well expected… I sitt there behinf the wheel cranking and pumping and soon the engine splutters to life but it runs rough and uneven. I work the choke and the pedal to get the engine to clear out. Soon I can back out of the garage and well I´m off. It does not take long before the engine stalls out on me and now I also realize that something is not right with the gear shifter. I have massive trouble to change gears and it goes so bad so I have to turn of the engine before I can shift geras. This is part one of this real deal event. No funny business just a car with trouble.

Love Lady Loretta

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