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Dear all.

Rain and wet weather with an older car gives trouble right? Well here you have an event with me and the Kadett going for a trip to a friend. Its raining since several days and I have to take my Kadett today. I have noticed that the car is tricky when its raining and its damp outside. Something with the electrical system ..

I´m walking over to the car under an umbrella thinking of a project I have running. I get to my car, get it and turn the key without the choke. The car shugs and stops and now I remember the choke and pulls it full out. The engine splutters and coughs but will not start for me. I can smell the gas fumes as I pump the gas and the car shakes and shutter as it starts after quite some struggle. I get going and drive along until I hit a water podle. The water splashes around the car and the engine dies on me right there in the rain. I´m stranded right?? The engine struggles to start and when it does I decide to turn back and now I´m in even bigger trouble, my car is just nor running right. I get out and clean the distributor as I have been told. I get back in my car and take of my shoes since they hurt bad now from all flexing and pumping. Do I get home? well well. Leaving the car I have to put on my patent sandals again and that is not easy in the tight car.

Lady Loretta

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