Lady Loretta First drive after repair part 1 SD, 11.09 minute, 333 MB


Dear Fans Loretta has got the Volvo 142 repaired after blowing the cylinder gasket. The car has been delivered by tow truck and has been sitting for quite some time. Loretta is on the way to work and she has the idea to take the Volvo to work today. Getting to the car she remove the cabin heater and get behind the wheel adjusting the driving possition and sets out to start her car. It splutter chugs but refuse to start for her. She get more and more frustrated as she canĀ“t get the car started. The air fills with petrol fumes and we notice as her frustration builds. She cranks long and hard and if this continous she will burn the starter. This is the ultimate cranking clip. Just a terribly hard car to start with a sexy Lady struggling behind the wheel. All kinds of angels that you can think of.

This is just a splendid cranking clip.

She is on her way to work but will this really work for her with the Volvo today? This is the first part so stay tuned and see what happens!

Love Lady Loretta

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