Lady Loretta Daily Drive Trouble SD, 30.46 minute, 704 MB

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Hello there all Loretta is here again

Here you have once again the real deal and not one that happen so often I must say. I get over to my old Renault 12 to go to town wearing my brown Louboutin mules. I love the look of those heels with it’s curvy look. Just as I sit down in the driver seat I realize I have forgotten the key so I go back to get them. Coming back to the car I get in pull the choke and prime the engine with some short pumps on the pedal and start it up. To my surprise it starts almost right away for a change, a happy moment. I rev it in small burst to get it to run smooth but if feels rough and edgy, so I keep on revving it in small bursts. Just as I get ready to leave I notice I have forgotten my hand bag so I go back to the house again, and to my surprise my little car still runs for me. Happy me…. I back out of the spot and get ready to leave. When I drive off my car struggles under my high heel Louboutin so a little choke might help, well it does and it doesn´t, it stalls on me… Darn…

Now I can´t get it to restart and being afraid that I have flooded it I use no choke but it will not start for me. More choke?? Well no. It just will not run at all.. And in part 2 you will find out why..!!!!

I have got my Renault stated and drive off (Part 1) just to have my car conk out on me outside my driveway. My car resists restarting for me and as I crank I get that tingeling feeling from the chugging and coughing from the engine as I press down the gas pedal and pump it gently and hard while the engine splutters and chugs. I just can´t get it to really run properly and I check out the engine several times to try to find what is wrong and when I get out of the car the third time I notice a little spint on the floor by the gas pedal and I can see that the gas pedal wire is loose. What to do?? Well I fix it. Back in business I start cranking the engine and it splutters chugs and yes it does start. I rev it hard to clear it before closing the hood and well it conks out on me yet again. So back at it.. and once again hard revving and well this time…can I leave?