Lady Loretta By the lake SD, 24.18 minute, 878 MB


Dear All This is a very Special clip.

We are with Loretta as she finish a short swim in the lake she is there we are there and as she gets up from the lake and use the towel to dry her body she then undress and put her summer dress on. Painting her toe nails she is getting ready for a Party. She walks back to her Kadett and gets in just to find that her car refuse to start. She struggles and get angry as the little car chuggs splutter and starts, she revs the car and takes off. She does not come far her car splutters and conks out. She cranks. pumps. and work the choke but the car refuse to start for her. She is not happy but keeps on trying to start her car. It does start and she revvs the car long and hard well Yes she is not happy. the little engine screams under her pressure from her red patent pump.

A great clip with booth cranking and revving and naked skin……

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