Lady Cerise Summer trouble part 2 SD, 10,59 Minutes, 10.59

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Dear all.

Lady Cerise is at work dressed in a classy summer dress and a pair of Patent sexy sling backs. She leaves work to pick up stationary and we are in luck as we are there to watch her leave. It does not take long and she is back. In the office she talks to a friend of her and is worried that her car is not running properly. Coffe break is coming up and she takes the chance to go to the car and just make certain that she will not have any issues leaving after work is done. She get to the car, gets in and want to start the car, well it is as she feared her car refuse to start for her. She really stuggles and the air get filled with gas fumes as she struggles with her car. She adjusts the choke, pumps the pedal and keeps trying but her car is spluttering and runs rough. She works hard with the car and when it does start she revvs the engine to clear it out. She is done and she gets out to go back to the office, when we are treated with some great views. Later in the day she wants to leave to go home and once again she is in trouble with her car and her patent heels have to work the pedals hard we are there to watch the struggle and what a view this is.

Love to all of you

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