Lady Cerise Rainy day Part 2 SD, 10.09 minutes, 268 MB


Dear all This is the text for the whole video

A vintage car, a rainy day, a great looking Lady in heels and a stubborn cranky car, what can be better? Here you have Lady Cerise as she leaves work to go to town with her old Opel. It has been raining the whole day and with the best of luck we are treated with a Pedal Pumping view, and yes we are. She gets in the car and right away she turn the key to start her car. It is obvious that she is used to the car beeing stubborn to start, in the beginning she does not get upset that her car does not start. She keeps trying to get it to start for her with variation of choke and pumping. her car splutters and coughs but does not fully fire up. She just keep trying and when the car starts she revvs it har to clear out the engine, just to have it to stall out and the cranking starts all over again. She gets more and more frustrated and in the end she is upset and pumps hard and steady. A great clip in the rain for us all.

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