Lady Cerise Day of Trouble SD, 25.30 minute, 643 MB


Dear Fans

Lady Cerise a fantastic lady <3

On her way to work this gloomy rainy day. She has dressed to impress her boss that’s obvious. High heel designer shoes and a vintage old Saab. We are there as she get’s in to her car. Turning the key pulling the choke and a great pedal pumping eventĀ  starts right there as we are there to watch her trouble. Her car is just not willing to start for her and she gets more and more frustrated as her pumping does not go well with the car. She is frustrated to a high level and she gets back in to the house to (we assume, call her work). It does not take long and she is back this time frustrated and in a hurry to get her car to start. It splutters chuggs and refuse to run properly and she adjust the choike as well as vaies her pumping to get the old car to start. Bouncing in the seat, we are also treated with some excellent picture in picture views as her car give her massive trouble.. Will she get going or not??

You will find out !! Enjoy !!

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