Lady Cerise Car trouble at Work HD, 17 minute, 1.26 GB


Dear all Lady Cerise is back at work in town.

We are in luck watching her as she arrives at work in her stunning heels and her Fort Fiesta walking to the office Let’s just hope that she will leave soon again. After a short while she arrives and walks to her car, getting in, Pulls the choke Oh yes, by doing this she might flood the engine right away. She turns the key, starts cranking and Yes her little car refuse to start for her.She starts pumping and cranking and soon the air smell of gas as the hopelessly flooded little car just will not start for her under her demanding feet pumping the pedal. As she cranks along she has full choke and gets more and more frustrated. She adjusts the choke between her cranking attempts but her car is by now totally flooded and refuse to start. She steps out and calls for help and standing there, stranded, her skirt blows in the wind to reveal her panties or does she wear any? She gets back in her car and continues to crank the flooded engine. Finally she gets it right and her little car starts to show signs of starting and her hope to finally get it started increases.

Have a great week all and enjoy the video

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