Lady Cecilia Wrong way part 1, SD, 15,19 Minute, 334 MB


Lady Cecilia is leaving this cold morning for a real estate visit. this Lady is a real hard negotiator and she heads out to the property to get a first glims before meeting the owners. She has the Renault 12 today and has a pair of designer boots on. She get in behind the wheel and get ready to leave. She put the key in the egnition and starts crank her car. We are there as she struggles to get her car started in the cold weather. The car is frozen solid and the windows is icy as well. Her car is really stubborn and she pumps and cranks to get some life in the engine. Pulling the choke, pumping, cranking… she is struggling but there are some hope eventually. She can soon leave and she heads for the real estate. Getting there she checks it out and we are there following her around. She is ready and decide to leave she takes a short cut to her next meeting and as we are treated with her decission she goes the wrong way and get stuck on the icy road. What a great event from a lovely Lady. Stay tuned for Part 2 were is is in real trouble.

Love Fashion Pumping

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