Lady Cecilia The Kadett pisses her off SD, 20.53 minute, 458 MB


Dear all Lady Cecilia is back in action

She is a stunning Lady with attitude. She having the Kadett to town this rainy day and yes she has massive car trouble. She walks to the car in the rain and we can see that she is eager to leave. She steps in to the car and prepare to leave. She has a pair of super sexy patent heels on, just right for the weather. Standing there we watch her as she gets ready to start her car, and yes, when she turn the key the car does not start for her. Frustration builds as the car is just refusing to start under her demand. She pumps the pedal and work the choke but still the little car splutters and chugs but her pedal pumping does not make the car to start. She is coming to a breaking point as the little car shows signs to start and now her hope is building. She get the car started and she is off.  We go with her, sitting next to her when her car stalls is a great feeling. She is in trouble for real… A great clip from this petite Lady

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