Lady Cecilia Lunch break is over SD, 11.16 minute, 326 MB


Lunch break.
Dear all.
It is just lovely to experiance the exitment when a beutifull lady walks over to her car and hopfully be treated with a pedal pumping struggle.
Here we have Lady Cecilia as she just ended her lunch break. It is wet and muggy from raining and she is in rush to get in to her car. She gets in and to our joy she takes her heels off and get’s ready to start her little car. Pumping the pedal with her small feet the car struggles to start oh what a thriller. she is in trouble no doubt but soon she can leave, and we are with her!!
She drives through the rain and gets back to her Office. Arriving at the parking spot she puts on her heels and we are treated with her beutifull  legs as she walks in to her work place.
Life is good
Fashion Pumping
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