Lady Cecilia In action SD, 14.10 minutes, 500 MB


We apologize but it says the wrong name on our video. It is our lovely Lady Cecilia in her killing heels

Dear Fans and Friends

Lady Cecilia has the Saab today as she is going to the local bar. She has her extreme heels on and gets in the Saab and right away her troubles start in that she can not adjust the seat. She gets ready and turn the key to start the car it gives a spluttery start but stalles out right away. Lady Cecilia pumps the pedal and looks a little worried as she continues cranking the car. Soon it splutter and coughs but does not catch. She is giving it her full attention and she pumps the pedal and adjust the choke but still the car refuse to run properly. Her frustration build up and she is on the brink to be angry. She continously cranks the engine and yes her percistence pays off and the old car starts very reluctantly. She backs out just to notice a small passenger in the car…………. and leaves in panic.

Have a great weekend all

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