Lady Cecilia Dangling her heel part 2 SD, 15 minute, 328 MB


Happy Easter all

Here is Lady Cecilia

Part 1 As she is on her way to a client meeting. She is preparing to leave as we join her as she sitting in her house in her sexy outfit dangling her shoes under the table. The view is just exiting right? She is ready and walkes over to her car to leave. We are watching her as she struggle to start the old heap. It has been raining hard and the car soon has very foggy windows as she struggles to start her car. Her feet is pounding the pedals and she adjust the choke in all different version. The car is spluttering and shaking and under her pressure the car starts with a roar and she revvs it hard to take out her frustration. She gets out and tries to clear the windows before leaving and right there she start to play with the exhaust pipe……

Part 2 is when she is on her way to wattch the realestate. She can not find the way… After she have asked after the way. She is lost and decide to stop to make a phone call to get directions and well she is stuck for real as her car breaks down. Well well… what to do?

A lovely easter clip from a stunning petite Lady with stunning legs and a stubborn car.

Happy Easter to you all <3

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