Jaqueline High Heels in Ford New view HD, 8.24 Minute, 363 MB


Dear all.

Please be aware, this is a remake of Jaqueline “High heels in Ford”. Jaquesline has some very high heel patent sandals on and looks stunning as she comes to her Fiest this day. Weare treated with some great views as she walks over to her car and soon she is ready to leave. She turn the key and the cranking battle starts as her car refuse to start for her. Her right foot is pounding the pedal and her feet is pressing har to start the car. She works the choke as well with no luck. She is amd that is obvious, she leaves her car in frustration but soon she continues as she obviusly has to leave. She struggles really har to start this little car. Will she get going or is she stranded???

Enjoy this really good cranking event