Belladonna Coffe and Pie part 1 HD, 10,45 Minute, 464 MB


Dear Fans.

Time for BellaDonna to go to get a Donut and coffe. She is dressed for business and looks great as she walks over to her car. Standing next to her, watching her well it is a sight of hope. Just imagine if she is the one driving the old Volvo sitting at the car park… and wow, we are in luck she is!!! We watch as she get ready to leave. turning the key her car starts right up, well well it could have been good. she revs the little engine a little and yes it stalls under her foot. Our exitment gets high as we watch her prime her car pumping the gas before cranking, lets hope she just flooded it. Joppe she did. Now we can watch a lady in distress, she struggles to get her car started for real this time. She manage to leave.

A great clip from a stunning Lady.



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