Jaquelina Flooded opel HD, 14.26 Minute, 760 MB




Dear All Here is our loving Jaqueline

Jaqueline is back in style in the Opel. This is a beutifull day and Jaqueline is asked by her girlfriend to drive the Opel home to her. Jaquelin has never driven the Opel and is nervous when she walk over to the car. Her girlfriend has told her that the Opel can be tricky and is sensitive with the choke. She gets to the red Opel and get inside behind the wheel. Jaqueline has driven older cars for years so she knows the starting trick to pump the gas a couple of times to prime the engine. So she gets going… The car has no life in it and she leaves the car shortly for a pumping break.. she gets back in and really wants to start the car. After a while she gets the engine going with using a lot of choke and you are right there to watch the black smoky exhaust and the spluttering car with Jaqueline struggling to keep the old car running… Later we will post also a great PIP clip of this event with exhaust and pedals this is to good not to make such a view as well.. Have a great week…