Lady Loretta A night on the town SD, 18.19 minute, 522 MB


Dear All You can se a glipmpse on the video on our youtube channel fashionpumping

Here today I’m on my way to meet a client. I have sent my assistant with my luggage with all my shoes and clothes to the hotel in town and I have decided to take my vintage Renault from work to my client meeting. I love my shoes but tonight I have not yet decided what kind to use with my classy outlook, so I have a selection in my hotel room to choose from. The man I’m going to meet, I know for certain, loves a women wearing high heels, very much. And I like to impress him so I can make a good deal with him. I go to the garage to my pearl. I opened the doors so I can drive away. I do have some time before our appointment since I want to be ready for the deal of my life. I turn the key, she doesn’t start. Well this is nothing special, the car have been sitting a while so some persuasion fom my side is in order. I do a lot of trying this evening and time is running out. She is now stressing me a lot. It doesn’t look good If I’m going to be late for my meeting. I can feel the smell when I flooded her, remembering all other old cars I have had. Hmmm… not good at all. Take a ride with me Lady Loretta <3