Lady Loretta Winter stuck in snow Part 2 HD, 21.43 minut, 1.85 GB


Dear all.

Loretta is struggling to get up the hill in her Volvo 142. she revs hard , wheels spinning and she slides left and right, but she does not get up the hill. Frustration builds and she is almost at the breaking point as her car stalls out on her as well. she is not happy she is stuck her car refuse to start and it is cold. she leaves the car and open the hood to search for the trouble as her car has stalled. Getting back in behind the wheel after picking up her telephone she manage to start her car and tries again to get up the small hill with no luck. She has to call for help… She gets pulled up by a SUV and she is saved for the day?? no not really the road is very icy and she decide to make some donuts in the snow before calling it a day. It is just to icy on the road. Her car smokes blue smoke after revving it hard and when walking from the car Loretta even falls on the deck as her high heel boots loose grip on the slippery ground.