Miss Daisy First driving lesson ever movie HD, 31 minute, 2.34 GB


Dear Fans our newest Miss

Let us introduce Miss Daisy, a stunning young Lady that are coming to us for a driving lesson since she has never ever driven a car before. Lady Loretta has set a time with Miss Daisy for her first ever driving lesson. As expected booth Ladies are dressed in high heels as they walk over to the Kadett and prepare to start the lesson. Oh my Oh my Miss daisy is nervous as she enters the car and the view is stunning as we get a glimbs of her lovely panties with her sexy stockings. We are with the Ladies as Loretta explains the dos and don´ts when driving. clutch. breaks, gas well all of it. So miss daisy is ready to start the car and well that is just that. She does what she is told and after a while the car starts and she is now ready to leave… well well. What do you think happen. Miss Daisy stalls out and she floods the engine hard as she pumps the pedal to start the car as she is being told. Once again they drive off with all kinds of beginner trouble in high heels and stockings soon they need to turn back and Miss Daisy tries to get the gears in to reverse with no Luck at all. So more clutch burning and just no luck either by Loretta or Miss Daisy to get the reversed gear to work.. Well so they push the car in to possition. The gear box?? She just can´t get the car in to reverse so Loretta and Miss Daisy have to push the car in to position to be able to turn. When they are ready to continue the lesson Miss Daisy is burning the clutch not once but twice. She stall the car by not using the right clutch movement and Loretta have to help her. The car continues to stall out and it get more and more hard to start as this student is just so nervous being her first ever driving experiance. The drive ends with a major gear box trouble and our teacher and her student have to leave the car in a mess.

Have a great Black Friday all.

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